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Antenna Contact (C-Clip)

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Autosplice has introduced a new series of compact surface mount contacts for antenna applications in mobile devices.
The new single-piece contact designs are ideally suited for Near Field Communications(NFC) antenna requirements as well as other grounding applications within wireless communication designs. Typical existing antenna clips use multi-piece designs that increase complexity, adding quality risk as well as increasing manufacturing costs.
Autosplice crush-proof antenna clips integrate the antenna contact and base into a unified single-piece stamping that improves reliability and reduces costs. Since the entire contact is formed from stamped copper alloy, contact resistance and mechanical stability during vibration are superior to multi-piece designs. In addition, the footprint of the one-piece contact requires less PCB space, allowing for overall better fit, form and function.


Material : Copper Alloy
Contact Finish : 0.1㎛ min bright gold
Base Finish : 0.03㎛ min bright gold
Underplating : 1.3㎛ min nickel all over
Working Distance : 0.6mm
Bottom Flatness : max 0.05mm
Contact Resistance : 50 mΩ max.
Rated Electrical Capacity : 30V 2 amps

Contacts packaged 10,000 peces per 13" EIA standard plastic reel for ease of pick and place assembly